Why Choose Robertson

The Jewlery Store For All Your Diamond Needs

•Guaranteed Satisfaction - We stand behind every diamond you purchase. Whether it is a .005ct or a 4ct diamond, you can rest easy knowing Robertsons' diamonds will come with a satisfaction guarantee.

•Quality - We know accurate grading and high quality assurance standards are your top priority. We only hand select certain diamonds that will meet your strict standards so that you can buy with confidence.

•Integrity - As a family we are committed to giving you the confidence that every diamond we sell is backed up with the highest possible integrity. We believe it is completely unacceptable to tolerate conflict diamonds and/or human suffering in any way and we fully support the Kimberley Process. All diamonds purchased from  Robertson Jewelers are conflict-free.

•Service - From finding replacement stones, to creating stunning layouts and matched sets, whatever your diamond needs are, we are here to help with all your jewelry needs. 

•Selection - Access the most extensive inventory in the industry today and consider it to be your own. From melee to super diamonds, like a 5ct emerald-cut, we have the prices, qualities, sizes, shapes and cuts you need.

•Customization - Combine the use of the most extensive inventory of diamonds and mountings to bring your dreams to reality!

•Enthusiasts - We are jewelry ENTHUSIASTS!  We are motivated by the quality, impressed by the smile on your face when you know you have found just the right piece, and committed to ensuring a pleasant experience every time.  We firmly believe that jewelry is to be enjoyed at all times.

•Zero Pressure - No pressure browsing or shopping.  We value each purchase, and understand each takes time and consideration.  Our staff is happy to meet and spend time with you and also educate you regarding quality, design, and cost factors.

 Contact us to get started designing your very own custom engagement ring! We work with customers throughout Kent, Brookfield & Woodbury, CT.